If a robot is embarrassed


What does it look like?


Why it is embarrassed?


How does express the embarrassment?

How to get involved?

  1. Use the nets you’ve collected from the Design Museum as many as you want. Alternatively, you can print the net designs by downloading them from this link: Download the Nets!
  2. Draw, colour, transform or add more material to design your embarrassed robot
  3. Place it on a social or cultural environment to give a reason why it is embarrassed
  4. Share your idea how it does express the emotion

Please take a photo or video and upload to your Instagram mention @embarrassed_robots.

If you do not wish to use Instagram, please send the photo or video by email to embarrassed_robots@soomipark.com.

Your post will be re-posted on @embarrassed_robots and updated on this page.

We hope to collect shared images for supporting as a part of a PhD research study. Please read the full consent information from this link before sharing your idea.