Embarrassed Robots Why are you embarrassed, Embarrassed Robot?
Embarrassed Robots What makes you feel embarrassed, Embarrassed Robot?
Embarrassed Robots How do you express your embarrassment, Embarrassed Robot?

About project.

Artificial intelligence and robotics will play an increasingly important role in supporting our lives. Currently, AI and robotics remain crude – confined to our smartphones, sat-navs, or tasked to build our cars. To fit more seamlessly into our daily lives they will have to learn to successfully reflect our emotions – the embarrassment for example. Embarrassed Robots project proposes an investigation into how through material, form and function a robot can come to express emotion, without aping and alienating us.

Embarrassment is a quintessential human emotion and something that in the future any robot occupying a human facing role will need to be able to replicate. This project proposes an investigation into how the design of a robot can come to express embarrassment.

This speculative design project is currently developing by Soomi Park at the Design Museum as one of Designer in Residence projects of this year.

Do Robots express emotions?

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Your Embarrassed Robots

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Do Robots Blush?

Will robots need to learn how to express embarrassment?

See the design workshop results based on the discussion on our future with social intelligent machines.